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We Can Help You With Your Family Law Matters

The Law Offices of Chandra Walker Holloway, P.C. provides legal representation and counsel in the following areas of law:                                                                       

Child Support:  We can assist you in obtaining a child support order that takes into consideration the needs of your children and is fairly calculated under the applicable child support guidelines.   We can also assist you in collecting on arrearages for unpaid child support.

Child Support Modifications:  Child support arrangements can often become unfavorable following a major change in your life such as a loss of income, a significant increase in income, injury, or a change in child’s tuition costs or medical expenses.   We can assist you in requesting modifications of support orders if a significant change can be shown.

Custody & Visitation:  We will keep the best interest of you and your children in mind at all times in addressing the issues of physical custody, legal custody, and visitation schedule.  We can assist you in developing child custody and visitation schedules or parenting plans.  When necessary, we will represent your interest in Court and advocate for an arrangement that will meet your family’s unique needs.

Divorce:  Whether your divorce is contested or uncontested, we can help.  We advise you on all relevant issues including grounds for divorce, alimony, equitable division of assets such as real estate, financial investments, retirement plans and business assets, and the division of marital debts.  We will can assist you in negotiating an amicable settlement or proceed to trial, if necessary. 

Domestic Violence Issues and Protective Orders:  We can assist you in obtaining an order from the Court that will protect you in cases involving violence or threats of violence.

Will Preparation:  We are available to advise you on estate planning matters including wills, powers of attorney, living wills, and trusts.


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